• Changing Generations

    Research shows that a child who attends college is seven times more likely to move in to the middle class. Thus, youth programs are critical to breaking the poverty cycle.

Children & Youth Programs

Through our programs dedicated to children and youth, The Salvation Army is striving to change generations by giving children from poverty-stricken environments the chance to start life in a very different place than their parents may have.

After School

The Salvation Army After School Enrichment Program is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and creative environment for students. The program promotes individual self-esteem and provides recreation as well as creative learning experiences through academics, health & fitness, life skills, and the arts. In addition, each child receives a nutritious snack and dinner.

Part of our program’s strength is our integration with the JPS curriculum and our goal to help students meet the Mississippi Department of Education’s College and Career Readiness Standards through the use of quality after school instruction. We strive to increase students’ motivation to learn and to make learning fun. Our key areas of focus include:

READING ENRICHMENT – Students will develop a love and respect for books as they participate in storytelling and grow reading skills through a variety of activities.

GLOBAL LEARNING – Students visually travel to countries across the world each month and learn about the cultures and customs of other individuals.

CAREER AWARENESS – Each week teachers introduce a new career so that students have a deep understanding of various careers to choose from once they graduate from High School and College.

EXPRESSIVE ART – Students learn to  express themselves through a variety of creative activities involving art, music, dance, and drama.

LIFE SKILLS/CHARACTER BUILDING – We empower students to take charge of themselves and achieve their personal best  through socials skills, decision making, problem solving, drug use prevention, character education, and environmental skills.

SPORTS MANIA (1st -8th grade) – Students will have the opportunity to compete in different sporting events and activities to include team competitions and Olympic style games.

Your child’s immunization record is needed upon acceptance

Tuition and fees

A nonrefundable registration fee of $50 is required for each child in order to secure a slot.

Students who are transported= $180 per month
Students who are not transported= $130 per month

A late fee of $10 per child will be assessed for late tuition payments. Also, a late fee of $5 is charged for every 5 minutes after 6:05 when children are not picked up on time.

Summer Enrichment Program

The Salvation Army Summer Enrichment Program is much much more than your average summer camp. Children entering grades K – 7th are eligible for our two month program, during which they participate in seven areas of character enrichment:

  1. Rhythms: Piano and Percussion
  2. Image Bearers: Creative Arts
  3. Dance Movement
  4. Developmental Sports: Various Sports Included
  5. Health and Wellness: Health, Fitness, & Nutrition
  6. Entrepreneurial Discovery
  7. Tech 101: Exploring Computers

In addition, each child will receive a nutritious breakfast, lunch & snack

June 4 – July 20, 2018  Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $525 for entire seven weeks – $35 Registration Fee

Your child’s immunization record is needed upon acceptance

2018 Performing Arts Spring Registration Form

Performing Arts Conservatory

Many children have talent that will never be developed because their parents cannot afford lessons, instruments or art supplies. If cultivated, this talent could one day provide a springboard to a better life.

Lessons are available every Tuesday during the term to people of all ages and walks of life.

$75 per student per semester | $200 per student for 3 semesters paid in advance

Course options:

Visual Arts | Dance | Piano | Percussion | Theatre | Guitar

2018 Performing Arts Spring Registration Form

Developmental Sports

At The Salvation Army, youth athletic programs teach boys and girls valuable lessons about life. Participants in organized athletic programs learn the meaning of integrity and fair play by being part of a team. They learn how to win graciously and how to lose without being defeated. They also learn that there are adults who care for them and who are willing to spend time helping them to be better people and not just better athletes.

2018 Developmental Sports Springs Registration

Camp Hidden Lake

For many disadvantaged kids, the possibility of having a fun at summer camp is not an option. With the help of donors in the community, we send kids to our summer camp near Lexington, Mississippi. The Salvation Army’s 300 acre Camp Hidden Lake helps disadvantaged boys and girls in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi open their eyes to a whole new world – THE NATURAL WORLD. Camp Hidden Lake teaches kids new skills, healthy attitudes, and great values and  offers sports, music, Bible Study, arts and crafts, swimming, fishing, and other activities for school aged youngsters in our community.