The Salvation Army of Jackson, MS

Corps Officers: Lieutenants Matthew and Jessica Hedgren

Assistant Corps Officer: Lieutenant Julinda Davis

150 years of The Salvation Army

In 1865, William Booth started a mission that would impact the world and the people in it. By simply speaking to “others” about the love of Christ and providing them with hunger, shelter and hope, Booth created a new way to live. He had no judgment; he only had a mission to help “others” and show them the love of God. This mission lives on through the soldiers, volunteers and supporters of The Salvation Army. For 150 years, this organization has fed the hungry, has provided clothing and shelter, and has 150 years - MSgiven hope to those who have only known hatred and despair.

Celebrate with your Salvation Army this year. Continue the mission, get involved with your community and support The Salvation Army today! Together we are “Doing the Most Good!”

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

John 15:12

The Salvation Army’s most quoted motto, “Soup, Soap and Salvation”, is based on a simple philosophy. If a person is hungry, we feed them. If they are homeless, we offer shelter and a place to clean up. After their physical needs have been met, we offer them hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Every day, The Salvation Army in Jackson houses more than 100 men and women who have no place to call home. Every day, The Salvation Army gives food and rental assistance to families.

Every day, The Salvation Army provides hope to the hopeless, a home to the homeless and food for the hungry. We are here to serve others – every day. In Jackson, The Salvation Army is “Breaking The Cycle-Building Lives”



If we had to describe it in ONE WORD

The story goes that it was late in the Christmas season and The Salvation Army’s William Booth was running out of time to
distribute a holiday greeting that would inspire and refresh his troops stationed
literally around the world.

Time was short. Resources were thin. But Booth was brilliant and he nailed it.
The Founder and first General of The Salvation Army telegraphed a single word
to officers scattered far and wide.

The word? Others.