brian kitchensBrian Kitchens never dreamed he’d find himself where he was just a few short months before this interview…an alcoholic, separated from his son. Going through the Corps Salvage Rehabilitation Center (CSRC) program, Brian learned some things real quick.

“It’s very easy to burn bridges, and very difficult to rebuild them.”

Brian, 45, was stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, during the first Desert Storm mission in the Middle East and is a native of Huntsville. Now nine months sober, Brian has a new outlook on life, but knows he has to be patient, taking one day at a time.

“People can change. This is a great program,” said Kitchens. “I would encourage other veterans to take advantage of it.”

The Huntsville Salvation Army is beginning to see an increase in the number of veterans coming through their food lines and seeking emergency shelter.

“We have programs we think will help veterans, from rehabilitation programs to homeless prevention to teaching life skills that will move them to a life of independence,” said Pamela Donald, Corps Community Relations Coordinator.

Brian has graduated the CSRC program and moved on to working in the Family Store preparing donated items to be sold. He also knows the program he’s come through will help others in the community, but your donations are greatly needed to make the program a success.

“Please give. A bag of clothes may not seem like much but it all helps to fund the program.”

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