The Advisory Board is a group of influential community leaders who give their time and efforts to further the mission of The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama. They assist with Salvation Army programs and events, interpret community needs and facilitate the development of resources.

2013-2014 Advisory Board Members

Mike Marshall

Vice Chairman
Peyton Mattei

Michael A. Smith

John Arendall III

Salvation Army Area Commander
Major Mark Brown

Salvation Army Director of Women’s Ministries
Major Susan Brown

Board Members
Rusty Allman
Mimi Bell
Eugene E. Bishop
Preston Bolt
Jo Bonner
John Case
Julie Citrin
Tommy Clement
Brian Cuccias
Daniel Dennis
Susie Foster
Bay Haas
Xavier A. Hartmann, III
Helene Hassell
Frederick Helmsing
B. Stephen Johnson
Douglas I. Johnstone
Edward Kennedy
Carol Little
Ron Mitchell
Sandy Myers
Judge Edmond Naman
Dick Perl
Mary Reyner
Michael Smith
Arthur F. Smith, III
Mayor Sandy Stimpson
Dr. James West
Robert A. Williams
Wade M. Wright

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