TUSCALOOSA, Alabama – As morning broke, the Salvation Army crews gathered and organized disaster relief efforts for the fourth morning near the Tuscaloosa Airport. After a brief [...]
  That is what residents inPratt City are echoing day after day. Our canteen in that location today is from Tallahassee, Florida. Johnny Hughes is manning it and tells us, “F[...]
  Served area-wide:   Meals – 29,322    Drinks – 35,386   SNACKS – 33,184   # volunteers- over 500    Volunteer Hours – 3240    People Prayed with – 8[...]
Someone wrote this on a case of water donated here at our warehouse. Just amazing the messages people are sending for support, prayers, and kindness.[...]
For volunteer opportunities go to our website    Donations: ***Thank you so much for your support. We no longer need donated items, we have enough supplies to serve the immediate n[...]
Press conference 5pm at warehouse for donations and place for victims to get much needed items. Drop offs start tomorrow 9am, victims can start coming Monday 8am to receive help. I[...]
Our mobile kitchens have served over 1500 meals, distributed over 1000 bottles of water, and offered grief counseling for those that need it.. We have received a full truckload of [...]