Critical Needs: non-perishable foods (especially rice, dry cereal, instant mashed potatoes, canned goods, pasta and snacks), detergent, hair care products such as brushes and combs[...]
We have had over 350 volunteers at over 1700 hours helping out. We have served 409 survivors of the tornado at our warehouse 350 Industrial Dr. Birmingham. Click here for all the l[...]
Bham area: 8200 meals, 21000 drinks, 17,800 snacks. Total area: 100,000 meals, 173,000 drinks, 87,000 snacks served. We thank our canteen operators as they are putting in long hour[...]
John Nichols watched in horror from his bathtub as the walls around him lifted away. “It had to be the hand of God protecting me, because everything went away except me,” he recall[...]
Total for 7 days: 84,699 meals, 141,294 drinks, 75,664 snacks. This is area-wide.[...]
 Derrick and Margo Henton are grateful to be alive. They were in their home when the tornado hit. “We saw it coming, and just knew it was going to be bad,” Derrick said. They crouc[...]
Thank you to our wonderful volunteers at our warehouse. They have worked over 200 hours already getting everything done for the survivors of the tornado. We can use any and all vol[...]
“I may be houseless, but I am not homeless as long as I have my head to lay somewhere, I am alive.” Connie Pulam of Pratt City spent Monday sifting through the splinter[...]
  TUSCALOOSA, Alabama – As morning broke, the Salvation Army crews gathered and organized disaster relief efforts for the fourth morning near the Tuscaloosa Airport. After a brief [...]
  That is what residents inPratt City are echoing day after day. Our canteen in that location today is from Tallahassee, Florida. Johnny Hughes is manning it and tells us, “F[...]