Advisory Board Members

Steve V. Graham, Chairman
Randall S. Raiford, Immediate Past Chair

Anita Allcorn-Walker
Brian D. Barr
Jim Bradford
John R. Bragg
Jeff Brooks
Richard D. Busby
Dr. Luther Cale*
Rev. John L. Cantelow, III
Coy Collinsworth**
Marty Connors*
Matthew Dent
Patrick Drummond
David B. Edmonds
Alain Gallet
Wayne Gillis                                                                               M. James Gorrie
R. Holman Head
Everett H. Holle**
J. Thomas Holton*
W. Carl Jernigan**
Dr. Lawrence F. Johnson                                                          Wayne W. Killion                                                              Jerry Kimbrough
Ravoyl Land                                                                               Benny M. LaRussa Jr.

Matthew H. Lembke
Sherrie D. LeMier
Tim Lewis
Russell E. Lynch
C. Edwin Miller, III*
Bob Mitchell
Reginald Moore
Barbara Murdock
Larry Newman
Victor E. Nichol, Jr.
F. Wayne Pate
Curtis Pickens
W. Randall Pittman
Van L. Richey
Kenneth G. Robinson, II
Robert Lee Smith, Jr.
W. Stancil Starnes
William J. Stevens
K. Scott Summers                                                                Carl S. Thigpen
Michael D. Thompson
William C. Wood
Gary Wyatt

 Women’s Auxiliary
Jeanette Humes, President

*Emeritus Member
**Life Member

The Birmingham Salvation Army Advisory Board is made up of men and women in our community that want to play an integral part of helping those in need. It provides a way to be very involved in the decision making for our Area Command. If you are interested in becoming a part of this board, please contact us: (205) 328-2420.